Thursday, December 6, 2012

Support the Anti-Corruption Act

while keeping in mind this somber reality confirmed in 2007 by the prestigious anti-corruption coalition, Transparency International:   We have the privilege of closing our Campaign Action Watch 2012 by drawing your attention to an exciting legislative proposal — “The American Anti-Corruption Act” — and asking that you support it*5DpVfBhnnnYbfhrtfYIZNw9zxFoIcmTQkfSexzjHrWMft*zc6SJNHH7QVfBkr8-TGO7Ew2tfMk/AACALogo.png?width=252“(f)or whatever reason and whether petty or gross, corruption in the judiciary ensures that corruption remains beyond the law in every other field of government and economic activity in which it may have taken root.”

AACA proponents proclaim that “money in politics” keeps us from building a better America.  For sure, democracy is barely alive and anything but well given the obscene role of money in American politics.  However, “spreading of the green” (i.e. money) is not always an immediate obstacle to justice through court proceedings in America.  Whatever may be the problem at hand, NFOJA’s global view remains the same:   
“The rule of law is best preserved in America through optimal participation by all Americans  in lawyer disciplinary matters, state judicial ethics enforcement, and the general oversight of federal judges.”    

Rather than pushing for optimal lay control, many grassroots legal reform advocates seem content to leave America’s legal system intact while somehow forcing it to produce fair outcomes.  This approach emphasizes police power while NFOJA and its sister organizations strive to optimize the decision-making and police powers of average Americans with regard to our country’s legal system.  
So why not include implementation of NFOJA’s proposed “Citizens’ Panel On Judicial Misconduct Act” and “The American Anti-Corruption Act” among your highest priorities?

Please don’t wait — act today!  Become a NFOJA Ambassador to your state legislature.  Click Here to Learn More  And to learn more about AACA, Click Here  
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